The UK SKA Regional Centre Development Project is organised into 5 workpackages.

  • WP1 Project Management: delivers the project office, including governance, project management, financial monitoring, and project communication.
  • WP2 Technical Development: encompasses technical development activities required to deliver the UKSRC, in coordination with SRCNet prototyping team developments.
    • Hardware & software enabling technologies: Cloud; Authentication, authorisation identity management; Data logistics; Architecture & optimisation.
    • Developing a FAIR Data Archive
    • Science analysis platform development
  • WP3 Community Support, Engagement and Onboarding: delivers links SRC development and the scientific user community, via programmes of co-design, and early adoption of services.
  • WP4 Training and Outreach: delivers professional training and outreach for both UKSRC staff and the community.
  • WP5 International SRC Coordination and Alignment: provides a highly experienced Release Train Engineer to lead the wider international SRC SAFe development programme, and senior leadership resources for the international SRC Steering Committee and SRCNet activities