The UK SKA Regional Centre Strategy covers the timescale of the construction phase and early operations phase (up to 2030) and provides the strategy for UK involvement in the SRCNet. The UKSRC Development Project (2023-2025) will contribute to the delivery of this strategy.


  • To enable UK scientists to lead exploitation of SKA data, by meeting the needs of the UK Science Community and providing seamless access to SKA data and support.


  • To maximise the return to the UK through a contribution to the SRCNet at a level commensurate with the UK’s leading role in the project.
  • To deliver a UKSRC Node, enabling the UK to maximise scientific return and drive innovation in data science.

    Strategic Pillars

  • SRC Network: To lead, participate and influence global SKA Regional Centre activities for the benefit of the UK.
  • UK SKA Regional Centre: To design, deliver and support an SRC within the UK, which will form a component of the global SRC Network.
  • UK Science Community: To communicate and engage with the UK Science Community, ensuring the SRC Network and UKSRC meet the needs of the community.

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