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Open to the global astronomy community, this school provides a detailed view of Open Science policies and tools, as well as ongoing SKA activities. The SKA Regional Center Network (SRCNet) will play a key role enabling big scientific collaborations and it will provide the framework to implement SKA Open Science policies. Join Dr Rachael Ainsworth and the other tutors at the 1st SKAO Open Science School (8th-10th May 2023 in Granada or online) to learn:

  • What is Open Science and how can we expect it to change and benefit science and society?
  • How will the SKAO and the SKA Regional Centres enable best practices in Open Science?
  • As a senior researcher/PhD student/engineer, how do Open Science practices and policies benefit and change my research/collaborations/services and tools?
  • What tools can I use to follow Open Science principles?
  • Will Open Science be acknowledged in the research assessment system? How can I capture Open Science merits in my CV?
  • By making data and methods more accessible, understandable and reusable, Open Science practices facilitate reproducibility of scientific studies.

Registration is open and online: https://www.granadacongresos.com/skaopenscience