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The SKA Science Data Challenge 3 (SCD3b) ‘Inference’ challenge asks participants to infer the reionization properties of the Universe from power spectra of the hydrogen-21cm signal from the Epoch of Reionisation corresponding to different redshift ranges. You can evaluate your existing methods and to develop new approaches for data analysis in preparation for SKA telescope data.

This challenge runs over 9 months, it is expected to be an iterative process and encourage competing teams to make full use of the computing facilities assigned to them. The results of each of the competing teams’ approaches will be compared via a standard figure-of-merit.

What are the benefits of participating:

Opportunity to test & evaluate new data analysis approaches.

Gain experience developing software pipelines that can be reproduced and reused by others.

Possibility of publishing results and methods in a scientific article, in collaboration with the participating teams.

Sign up by Friday 12 April 2024!

To register, please visit the SDC3 SKA Challenge Registration page.