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Join us at our next Webinar on Monday April 29th, 10 am BST!

In this Webinar you will:

  • Learn about what insights have arisen from exploring data sharing challenges and barriers across the UK digital research infrastructure landscape.

  • Explore whether these challenges reflect your experiences and values.
  • Find out how you could address these challenges in your research community or Digital research infrastructure.

  • Find out how you could participate in the FAIR Data Accelerator to develop professional development, training or community engagement activities.

This UK SKA Regional Centre project is funded by DSIT. It is one of four pilot initiatives which aim to address barriers to data sharing (the Research Data Cloud Pilot project – RDCP). The overall objective is to test and understand the need for a national research cloud through a series of interventions designed to remove data sharing barriers, in order to identify potential models and options for future national scale initiatives, and to build an investment case and set out the role of Government.

Please register to join us.